Migration to AdLint 2.4

This document describes major changes from the earlier version to AdLint 2.4 and how to migrate.

You cannot use old traits files with AdLint 2.4.


  1. project_root item in project_traits section is added
  2. warn_only_files_in item in message_traits section is deleted
  3. warn_files_in item in message_traits section is added
  4. warn_files_not_in item in message_traits section is added

See 4.2 Traits File for more details.

How to migrate

New --migrate option is added to adlintize command.

--migrate option migrates traits file from old format to new one of AdLint 2.4.

You can migrate traits files by the following instruction.

 % cd project_root
 % adlintize --migrate adlint/adlint_traits.yml

adlint_traits.yml format will be migrated, and old contents will be saved as adlint_traits.yml.orig file.